Skiing in Japan is pretty much like skiing in the clouds… at least that is what we got told the first time we visited the island. Looking back at it now, we could not have described it any better ourselves.

Imagine floating through completely bottomless powder day after day and night after night. Yes night skiing is a big thing in Japan. Not only does Japan serve up industrial quantities of powder but also incredible food and a rich cultural and culinary experience....so sit back in the natural hot springs after a day neck-deep in Japanese powder and ponder whether it's going to be sushi, nabe (Japanese hot-pot) or Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) for dinner.

Top Tip: Bring a snorkel!


The Lowdown

Culture & Snow

Skiing in Japan is a truly unique experience with its traditional and spiritual culture combined with modern resorts and outstanding powder snow.

The Best Tree Skiing in The World

With perfectly spaced out trees allowing you to effortlessly float through the powder snow, the tree skiing in Japan is one of the best tree skiing in the world.

The Food

Visit the local sushi-ya (sushi bars) while watching the "sushi samurai" in action. Enjoy slices of freshly cut tuna and octopus accompanied with a glass of local nihonshu (rice wine).

Hot Springs

Relax in one of the many natural hot springs (Onzens) situated all over the area.

Prices & Dates

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