Line and wipeout of the year

Jonas Ernevi •

Line of the Year

Our Line of the Year is actually dedicated to pretty much every line in Jérémie Heitz’s film, La Liste. If you see just one ski movie in your life, make it this one and if you don't have time to watch it now make sure you come back to it - perhaps round the christmas tree with a glass of port!

What makes this film special is the speed and fluidity that Jérémie takes on some the steepest and most exposed lines in the Alps. His 'list' of iconic descents were once thought impossible to ski until the likes of Sylvain Saudan started to knock them off in the 70's. Sylvain did so inch by inch, one jump turn after another with the precision of someone all too aware that a single mistake would likley equal a crumpled dead body thousands of feet below. Jérémie approaches these same lines the way that four time world cup downhill champion Aksel Lund Svindal does a downhill race...Respect.

If you want to get a flavour for the kind of consequences a mistake can have on this kind of stuff just fast forward to 29 minutes 50 seconds and watch his descent of the 4,184 metre Grand Combin de Valsorey. That's what your voice sounds like when you're staring death in the face.


If you watch one ski movie this year make it this one. Don't have time now? Come back to this one. It will blow you away.

Wipeout of the year

Ever wondered what it feels like to fall 1,600 feet down a steep Alaskan face? Ian McIntosh give's a good demonstration.

Ian McIntosh rag dolls down 1,600 foot face.

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With one new episode each month you will get unique insights into Last Frontier Heliskiing and why so many heliskiers from all around the world pilgrim to the Great White North year after year... Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!