Salomon Freeski TV - Season 9

Jonas Ernevi •

Year after year the Salomon Freeski team set out to capture the world's best skiing and it's destinations. This season they visited a few of our own magical destinations...

Sit back, relax and enjoy the full Season 9 of Salomon Freeski TV.

Episode 1 - Southwest Pioneers

The first stop for the Salomon Freeski TV is Taos Ski Valley which is known to have some of the most extreme inbound ski terrain in North America.

Episode 2 - Dream Trip

In December 2014 one lucky skier received a phone call form Mike Douglas offering him an opportunity to join the Salomon Freeski team (Mike Douglas, Cody Townsend, & Kaj Zackrisson) to go skiing in Japan… What do you think he said?

Episode 3 - Eclipse

The photographer Reuben Krabbe had a vision to capture an image of someone skiing during the solar eclipse. Together with the Salomon Freeski Team they set out to Svalbard to try to capture the impossible shot. A lot can go wrong with an expedition of this magnitude and the weather is either your best friend or your worse enemy…

Episode 4 - Bella Coola

One of our favourite episodes of all time. This episode does not only showcase some of the best skiing in the world, but also a very different approach tomaking ski movies. Follow the journey of Leo Ahrens, Leah Evans, and Colston VB when they spent a week in one of our most sought after destinations - Bella Coola.

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Episode 5 - Moment's Notice Part 2: Chamonix

During the filming of Salomon Freeski TV Season 9, the team members were asked if they could drop everything and chase a storm to Chamonix on only 24 hours’ notice… Check out the result!

Episode 6 - Riksgränsen

Follow Henrik Windstedt and Leo Ahrens on a journey into the past. Visit the freeskiing mecca of Sweden and the world’s most northern ski resort, Riksgränsen and learn how this old mining town became so popular.

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Episode 7 - The Skier's Haute Route (Last Episode)

With not much experience of the ski touring world Mike Douglas and Alexis Godbout set out on an adventure through the Urner Alps in Switzerland. For both Mike and Alexis this was a chance to prove themselves as explorers and find the true meaning of what it means to be a freeskier...

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Heli-skiers arrive at yellow helicopter

Heli-Ski Safari

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This is not your regular Canadian heli-skiing. This is big wild northern British Columbia and compared to southern BC with all of its heli-ski operations sandwiched together; it’s like a different country.


The Backgrounder Series

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With one new episode each month you will get unique insights into Last Frontier Heliskiing and why so many heliskiers from all around the world pilgrim to the Great White North year after year... Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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Deep in the JaPow

JaPow - A Japanese Powder Expedition

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Leave the crowds behind and cruise through the ghostly Japanese forests of birch and beech trees catching a quick breath as you surface from yet another turn.