The Backgrounder Series

Jonas Ernevi •

Dreaming of going heliskiing?

In this six part series, with one new episode each month from September through to February, you will get a unique insight into Last Frontier heliskiing and why so many heliskiers from all around the world pilgrim to the Great White North year after year... Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Episode 1: Location

In this episode you will get a better understanding of how to get to Ripley Creek and Bell 2 Lodge, what's unique with each destination and why you should go there.

Episode 2: Lodging

Whether you prefer staying at a remote lodge in the middle of nowhere or being based in a rustic old mining town, Last Frontier Heliskiing has it all. Check out the pisode above and decide which location suits you the best.

Episode 3: Terrain

In this episode we explore the terrain surrounding Ripley Creek and Bell 2 Lodge. With access to the world's largest single heliskiing area, Last Frontier Heliskiing offers a great range of variety, suitable for all levels of skiing.

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Head up north

Deep powder skiing in the trees

The Best of What's Left in 2017

By James Morland •

We are getting down to the last few places in 2017. Here's our selection of the best of what's left including a couple of pretty special offers.

Featured Adventure
Deep in the JaPow

JaPow - A Japanese Powder Expedition

By Jonas Ernevi •

Leave the crowds behind and cruise through the ghostly Japanese forests of birch and beech trees catching a quick breath as you surface from yet another turn.

Featured Adventure
Heli-skiers arrive at yellow helicopter

Heli-Ski Safari

By Jonas Ernevi •

This is not your regular Canadian heli-skiing. This is big wild northern British Columbia and compared to southern BC with all of its heli-ski operations sandwiched together; it’s like a different country.