Tordrillo Heli Skiing Alaska
Tordrillo Heli Skiing Alaska Photo: Blake Jorgenson

Heli Skiing Tordrillo

Located just 75 miles west of Anchorage, the Tordrillo Mountains form part of the remote and largely unexplored Alaska Range. This is big heavily glaciated country that dwarfs much of the terrain found in the neighbouring Chugach and climaxes with Denali's (Mt McKinley's) 6,194 metre peak just 60 miles to the to the north east.

Experience Heli Skiing in The Alaska Range

The huge vertical relief found in the Alaska Range makes for some formidable skiing in a truly humbling and awe-inspiring environment. Being further from the coast than the Chugach, the climate here is drier and colder than on the coast. Small tight groups of four plus guide are serviced by two powerful A-Star B3 helicopters making the ski programme slick, flexible and highly personal.

In our view, Tordrillo is the most finely tuned lodge-based heli-skiing in Alaska.


The Lowdown

Remote Fly-in Lodge

Only accessible by ski plane Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is a beautiful log structure that sits in a geographically diverse region surrounded by pristine Alaskan wilderness and some of the most epic ski terrain in Alaska.

Fewer No-fly Days

Compared to the more coastal heli-ski operations in Alaska Tordrillo benefits from significantly better weather and fewer no-fly days.

North America's Highest Peak

With Denali (6,194 metres) the highest mountain in North America, a mythical and ever looming presence this is a truly awe-inspiring environment.

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