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The Heliski Specialist

We have been organising heli-skiing since 1999. When you speak to us you are speaking to people who eat, sleep and breathe skiing and have been involved on the front line of the industry for two decades.

We have either guided or skied at every location on this website (as well as many others). We are uniquely placed to give you the inside scoop, to fill you in on the things that aren’t mentioned in the brochure, to make those little behind the scenes things happen that can make your trip extra special.

6 Reasons to Choose Us


Best prices - Guaranteed

Whether you are a seasoned heli-skier or a first timer we save you time and effort and we guarantee that you will be getting the best prices available. If you find any trip on this website at a lower price, we will better it.


Expert, Unbiased Advice

We have been there and done the research for you and we take real pride in telling you exactly what you can expect. We have more in-depth, first-hand knowledge of worldwide heli-skiing than any other company out there and we offer expert, unbiased advice and unrivaled personal service.

I am confident that anything James Morland and his company takes responsibility for will not merely be excellent, carefully planned and well executed but will have that indefinable quality of soul which is rare to find and makes all the difference

Simon Olsawang

Unbeatable Choice

Maybe you are a seasoned pro looking to pioneer first descents in the Himalayas or maybe you are a first time heli-skier looking for a gentle introduction. Perhaps you prefer roughing it in a tent than you do sipping champagne in the jacuzzi. We're all different. Our carefully chosen portfolio offers you an unbeatable choice of tried and tested heli-ski adventures. What you see here represents only a fraction of the possibilities.


Don't get left behind! The inside track on availability

Heliskiing programmes run at very high occupancy and with huge levels of repeat business. That means it can be difficult and time consuming to find availability on dates that work for you. We keep tabs on what's available where and when, know when the next season goes on sale and get a heads-up in case a cancellation is about to create an amazing opportunity. We do the legwork to have to save your time (and at no extra cost).


Deals on Skis and Equipment

Through our industry partners we are able to offer all of our clients exceptional deals on a range of skis and equipment. amazing experience and it clearly was the best skiing week of my life. Considering that I started skiing almost 35 years ago, I think it is quite a statement!

Ignacio Grannell

Referral discounts

Among other things, existing clients can benefit from discounts for introducing friends.


We've got you covered

When things don’t go quite right we can make a big difference. Blue skies and bottomless powder right? That’s what it says in the brochure and in all the fancy pictures on the website. Well usually, “Yes” but we are playing with Mother Nature here and sometimes she doesn't cooperate.

On the rare occasion when things do not quite work out as planned, we will always go the extra mile to make the best of the situation for you. Look at it as an extra level of insurance but without the cost.