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Chile Heliskiing Photo: Andes Heliboarding

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Chile's Cordillera Central, rising to over 6,000 metres, to the east of Santiago and bordering Argentina, offers spectacular high alpine skiing and snowboarding conditions in consistently dry snow, usually under blue skies.

High altitude preserves the snow while proximity to capital city, Santiago, and a benevolent climate make this an easy to reach and reliable heliskiing destination. There are many options to create a more multi-dimensional trip, whether you want to do more skiing or snowboarding in Patagonia, party in Santiago, check out Chile's highly-rated vineyards or extend your trip to take in some of South America's highlights.


The Lowdown

The best of the Southern Hemisphere

For most skiers and snowboarders, summer in the northern hemisphere is an enforced break from skiing that we tolerate. Chile's huge mountains offer sweet respite from sweltering cities and beaches.

High and spectacular mountains

The Andes are significantly higher than the mountains we ski in Europe and North America. That means snow that stays light and dry for weeks and long, leg-burning descents in wide open alpine terrain.

Out of the ordinary bases

Dare we say, heliski lodges can get a bit "samey"? While we love a log cabin style lodge set in a snowy forest as much as anyone, a helicopter directly from a skyscraper rooftop in a buzzing city metropolis or from a cutting-edge winery adds a totally new dimension to a ski trip. And because the mountains are so high, you can bask in sunshine after skiing, well below the snowline.

Extending your trip beyond the skiing

Chile is a great year-round destination. From Santiago, arty Valparaiso and surf spots on the Pacific coast are within easy reach. Chile's other highlights - Patagonia, Easter Island and the Atacama desert are just a direct domestic flight away and Torres del Paine can be even more beautiful and a lot less crowded at this time of year.

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