Arctic Heli Skiing
Arctic Heli Skiing Photo: Kevin Boekholt

Arctic Heli Skiing

High latitude Arctic heli skiing

The Arctic offers genuine possibilities for exploration-style heli skiing and heli boarding. Our 'off the grid' Arctic heli skiing adventures to Greenland, Iceland and Baffin Island in north east Canada offer a unique opportunity to be a modern-day pioneer.

In the interests of simplicity we have classified anything within 300 miles of the Arctic Circle as being Arctic heli skiing. From staying in a remote Inuit village on the shores of a frozen fiord in Greenland to a renovated sheep farm in northern Iceland or a 5-star tent on the ice on Baffin Island, these experiences are as much about the heli skiing and heli boarding as they are about the richness of the culture and the land surrounding you.

'That was the best day of my life'. If we are lucky, most of us don’t have the privilege of saying that more than once or twice in a lifetime. I am fortunate enough to have heard that phrase countless times and it always puts an even bigger smile on my face than the person saying it.

James Morland

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