Photo: Dan Milner


Heli-Skiing in Europe

The scope for heli-skiing in the European Alps is limited. In France it is illegal and in Italy and Switzerland there are only a handful of designated landings and pickups. That’s not a bad thing. Europe is small and the Alps are crowded. Having helicopters flying all over the place dumping people on every peak in sight wouldn’t work.

With one or two exceptions we classify our European heli-skiing differently to the other trips on this site. In general the number of runs you do on a daily basis is limited to one or two (but these can be monster long descents). Accessing the Alps is quick and easy from most European cities so you can be sitting at your desk one minute and stepping out of the helicopter on top of the mountain another.

Both Spain and Greece offer a significantly different style of heli-skiing - one that is closer aligned with what you might find in Canada. There is more freedom and flexibility, greater scope for exploration and the possibility to do many more runs on a daily basis.

Where to Heli-Ski in Europe

The Alps, Spain, Greece or Turkey?

Europe is the ideal location for a weekend getaway

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