Heli Skiing Greece
Heli Skiing Greece

Heli-Skiing in Greece

Greece is where heli-skiing meets the sacred, the spiritual and the mythical. Imagine yourself standing on the 2,919 metre summit of Mt Olympus looking down endless snow covered slopes towards the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Skiing and Greece may not be words you naturally associate with one another but Greece is a mountainous country and in the winter months these mountains get plastered in snow and offer some incredible skiing potential.

Heading west from Mt Olympus towards the Albanian border the Pindus Mountains offer up a vast expanse of exceptional heli-ski terrain - much of which has never seen a track before.

Like many of our adventures heli-skiing in Greece is not just about the feeling of skiing or snowboarding it’s about where you are doing it and the feelings evoked by the place you are in.


The Lowdown

Ancient Culture and Mythology

Heli-skiing in Greece is a truly unique experience seeped in culture history and mythology.

Big Vertical Relief

With altitudes ranging from nearly 3,000 metres down to almost sea level, there are some exceptionally long runs – particularly in the Olympus region.

Less Travel = More Skiing

Greece is quickly and easily accessed from most European cities so whether you want a quick weekend getaway or a longer adventure you will maximise your time skiing and minimise travel.

Prices & Dates

Skiing with the gods?

Be one of the first. Ancient culture and mythology meet epic ski terrain.

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