Heli Skiing in Iceland

Photo: Yves Garneau

Heli Skiing Since 1999

For the past 25 years we have been dedicated to fulfilling one simple promise:
To provide you with the ultimate heli skiing experience – one that surpasses your highest expectations. One that is unique, incomparable and extraordinary. Join us and discover a world of adventure.

From the frozen fiords of Greenland to Canada's legendary powder and the heights of the Himalayas, we continue to search the globe for the ultimate skiing and snowboarding experience.

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With so many options to choose from (and with all of them looking incredible on websites and social media), planning a heliskiing trip can be overwhelming. The EA team has firsthand experience of skiing all over the globe and is here to help you choose the right heliskiing or heliboarding trip, whether you are looking for steep terrain, the most reliable snow, the most luxurious lodges or even a yacht-based ski trip.

Your dream ski or snowboard trip may already exist somewhere in the world and we have a portfolio of heliskiing programmes that encompasses Alaska, the Alps, Canada, Chile, Georgia, Iceland, India, Kamchatka, Turkey and more. While they all tend to look similar in the photos and videos, we know and understand the differences – snowfall, terrain, quality of lodge, number of down days, type of programme (e.g. large vs small helicopter, vertical metres, hours-based or unlimited).

We will advise you on where to go and when to go for the best chance of reliable snowfall and deep powder, where offers the best value for money, which heliski lodge is easiest to get to, which operation to choose and what to expect – and book it for you at the same price or less than you would get by booking it directly. Because we don’t have committed seats to fill, our advice is objective and we will explain the pros and cons of different heliskiing operations. Safety is another essential consideration and you’ll want to know where to find the best guides and the highest standards of aviation.

If you are an experienced heliskier or heliboarder, you might be looking to do an exceptional or even unique skiing trip. For the most discerning skiers, we arrange completely bespoke skiing and snowboarding trips to the most remote mountains of the world, often yacht-based to enable us to get to the most off-the-grid places, or drawing on our network of guides, pilots, yacht brokers and other experts to design completely one-off skiing and snowboarding journeys. We have arranged tailormade skiing trips to British Columbia, the Arctic, (Svalbard, Greenland, Baffin Island, Iceland), Japan, Patagonia and Antarctica where heliskiing, heliboarding or ski-touring can be combined with other activities from snowmobiling to wildlife watching (whales, polar bears) and experiencing the Northern Lights.

If you are looking for the ultimate bucket list ski or snowboard trip, we’ll be happy to help you fulfil your powder dreams.

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