Heli Skiing Himachal India
Heli Skiing Himachal India

Heli Skiing Himachal Pradesh, India

We first went heli skiing in Manali back in 2002 and still today it is one of our favourite places on earth to ski.

The heliski terrain in the Himachal Pradesh region of India is nothing short of extraordinary and combined with the stimulating cultural experience of the vibrant Kullu Valley, it is something that is out there on its own in terms of extra special ski and snowboard experiences.

Awesome Heli Ski Terrain

The length and diversity of the runs is exceptional. Starting high in the alpine with landings up to 5,000 metres and views of 6,500m himalayan peaks towering above you, you ski down steep cirque bowls and long rolling ridge lines, through glades of perfectly spaced birch and oak trees and finish in towering forests of cedar.

With over 30 years of experience heli skiing in the Himalayas and a team of regular guides and pilots there is a depth of knowledge and experience here that few operations in the world can compete with.

I was totally blown away by the Himalayas and we had very good weather all 6 days. I ended up skiing nearly 40,000 vertical meters in total and the highest drop was just over 5,000 meters.

Mike Ormond


The Lowdown

The Himalayas - Up Close & Personal

Nothing can quite describe the feeling of skiing perfect powder snow surrounded by 6,500 metre Himalayan peaks in this culturally vibrant corner of North West India. Topping out at around 6,500 metres these may not be the 8,000 metre giants of Nepal and Pakistan but they were made for heli-skiing.

International Safety Standards

With a team of highly reputable guides, pilots and helicopter mechanics from Switzerland, the safety standards are far beyond what you would normally expect in India.

Local Culture

Heli-skiing in Manali is not just about linking turns down endless runs but equally about experiencing the fascinating local culture of the Kullu Valley.

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