Heli Skiing Insurance

Being adequately insured for your heli-skiing adventure is essential (and a condition of booking a trip with Elemental Adventure Heliskiing). Like many things in life, with travel insurance, you tend to get what you pay for. Cheaper insurance policies are almost always bundled with so many exclusions and small print that they are barely worth the paper they are written on. Making a claim is often laborious and time-consuming.

Good policies are available but be sure to choose one based on what you need covering rather than how much it costs. An extra $100 or so now, could easily save you a lot more later.

If it is practiced in a controlled, professional manner and according to established industry norms, heli-skiing is generally very safe. There will however always be a degree of inherent risk much as there is with many things we do in everyday life – like driving a car or skiing at a ski resort. We do everything that is humanly possible to reduce the risk but it can never be eliminated entirely and as a participant in one of our trips, you acknowledge and accept this risk. If you would like to gain a better understanding of the specific risks associated with your trip, we are always happy to discuss these with you in detail.

We have chosen to partner with Global Rescue and IMG Signature Travel Insurance to offer what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive travel insurance solutions on the market - and one that is also perfectly suited to heli-skiing and backcountry skiing. The IMG policy provides excellent all-round travel cover but in order to be fully covered for search and rescue and medical evacuation while heli-skiing, it is essential to take it out in conjunction with Global Rescue Membership.

Disclaimer: Although we are happy to discuss the particular risks associated with the trip that you are taking, we are not insurance brokers or experts and it is ultimately your own responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured.

Global Rescue - Signature Travel Insurance

In conjunction with IMG Insurance, Global Rescue have created one of the most comprehensive travel insurance solutions that we are aware of. With the more adventurous traveller in mind, wide ranging coverage is provided against a variety of unexpected expenses with the added peace of mind that the full value of your trip can be protected if something goes wrong.

The Signature Travel Insurance allows you to customise the trip cancellation amount up to USD $100,000 (approximately GBP £77,000 / EUR €85,000). Cancel for any reason cover can also be added which allows you to cancel up to three days prior to departure for any reason and with no questions asked.

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Heli-ski insurance policy highlights
  • Cancelation cover for up to USD $100,000.
  • Trip interruption up to 150% of trip cost.
  • Cancel for any reason option.
  • Cancelation / Interruption includes cover for: Airline bankruptcy or default, unexpected work commitments resulting in the revocation of previously approved time off, involuntary employer termination or layoff.
  • Medical Expenses up to USD $100,000.
  • Rental car damage up to USD $40,000.
Global Rescue - Signature Travel Insurance

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Global Rescue Membership

Global Rescue membership provides the most complete medical, security and evacuation cover available to travellers and is the perfect complement to your Global Rescue Signature Travel Insurance.

For most people it is more cost effective to take these out on an annual basis.


Some Key Global Rescue membership benefits:
  • Field rescue from the point of illness or injury for any serious medical emergency
  • Evacuation back to the member's home hospital of choice
  • Medical Consultation services 24/7/365 with critical care paramedics, nurses and physicians, and an exclusive relationship with the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations
  • Security extraction from natural disasters, terror attacks and civil unrest
  • Travel Intelligence and event monitoring from their team of in-house analysts
  • GPS Tracking & Communication through their mobile app
Global Rescue Membership

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