Great Bear Heliskiing
Great Bear Heliskiing Photo: Great Bear Heliskiing
Great Bear Heliskiing

Great Bear Heliskiing

With a massive 6,250km of glacial, alpine and old-growth tree-skiing terrain and an average annual snowfall of 20-30 metres (65-98 feet); this is a new jewel in British Columbia.

Skiing in tight groups of four and welcoming just 8 guests a week, the beautiful, family-run Lodge on the Lower Dean River offers the perfect staging post to make endless first descents and to open hitherto unexplored terrain. Situated on the interior side of the Central Coast Mountains, the base is perfectly located to take advantage of the huge snowfalls on the coastal side of the range as well as the colder, drier air and better weather of the Chilcotin Plateau.

In 2021, we were asked to explore the viability of a heli-skiing operation on the Dean River in the wilderness of the Central Coast. We weren’t really sure what we were getting into. Uncertainty regarding terrain, poor weather options, the lodge experience and accessibility made us take a bold step into the unknown…
All hesitancy evaporated upon arrival - we had stumbled onto something that would change the course of our lives. After over 20 years' guiding, I felt that I had found my place. The people, the skiing, every detail of the experience… we were home.
Ken Bibby, ACMG Ski Guide; Great Bear Heli Skiing Mountain Operations Manager


The Lowdown

Exploration, First Descents & Endless Choice

A tenure that is a quarter of the size of the Swiss Alps, most of which has never seen a ski track. The first runs are just five minutes' flight from the lodge and there is terrain ranging from gladed trees to alpine bowls, old growth forest and endless glaciers with views across the ocean.

Quick & Easy Access

One of the quickest and easiest heliski lodges to access in BC. Everything is taken care of after you arrive in Vancouver. A short private charter flight and helicopter transfer (both included in the price), take you to the doorstep of the lodge and the gateway to the heart of one of British Columbia’s beautiful, unspoilt wildernesses.

Personalised, Great Attention to Detail

At the heart of the Great Bear team is the Blewett family who have 35 years’ experience running one of the world’s most prestigious fishing lodges. The Lower Dean River (fishing) Lodge has a 95% return rate. With attention to detail applied to every aspect of your stay, we think this is one of the most refined (but at the same time relaxed and unpretentious) lodge experiences you can find.

Genuinely All-Inclusive

There will be no big bills on check out here. Everything is included: charter flights and helicopter transfers to and from Vancouver, single rooms if required, unlimited skiing, ski and safety equipment, drinks, evacuation insurance and even a handful of massages. While the price is high so is the value.

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