Bella Coola
Bella Coola Heli Skiing Photo: Todd Lawson
Bella Coola

Heliskiing in Bella Coola

Set in the heart of British Columbia's Coast Mountains, a mere one hour flight from Vancouver, is the magical Bella Coola valley - home to the Nuxalk First Nations people and some of the best heli-skiing in the world. From the minute you step off the plane, it is obvious that you have arrived somewhere unique and very special.

A Powder Paradise

The alpine ski terrain around Bella Coola is on steroids. Everywhere you look are the most incredible ski lines; from steep, Alaskan-style faces to endless glacial cruisers. But, if there is one thing that distinguishes Bella Coola, it is a sense of soul and realness that permeates every bit of the operation. It is something that money can't buy and is hard to describe until you experience it.

There are two distinct heli-ski bases: the historic Tweedsmuir Lodge, where Edmund Hilary once stayed and Eagle Lodge on the outskirts of town, where the 'Big Mountain Heli-Skiing' trips are staged. Both operate in more or less the same terrain but the ‘Big Mountain’ trips are aimed at those who want to ski slightly more aggressively and who are more price sensitive.

Bella Coola was one of the most stunning places I've ever had the opportunity to heli-ski. Swede and crew have truly discovered an amazing new powder kingdom. I was constantly glued to the window of the heli scoping out some of the most spectacular terrain I have ever seen. Big, steep and deep, here's terrain for the fearless, as well as for the pussies. Wax your boards and get your ass up to Bella Coola.

Shane McConkey, Professional Skier.


The Lowdown

The Best Alpine Heli-Ski Terrain in Canada

The scope and scale of the alpine ski terrain around Bella Coola is unrivalled in Canada AND with a generally stable maritime snowpack you can ski lines here that other heli-ski operations can only dream of. There is terrain in Bella Coola to suit most level of skier but if you are a stronger skier and like it steeper, check out our Steep Week. It runs circles around the other supposedly steep heli-skiing on the market.

Quick & Easy Access

Getting to Bella Coola could not be easier or quicker. Forget the long bus rides and expensive internal flights. A painless one hour private charter flight delivers you right into the heart of the Bella Coola valley where your helicopter is waiting on the side of the runway. Hop off the plane, change clothes, get in the helicopter and go heli-skiing. You will be well into your 5th run and wiping the powder from your face whilst the ‘other guy’ (who chose practically any other heli-skiing operation in British Columbia) is into the 5th hour of an eight hour long bus ride and popping pills to ease the neck pain.

Personal Experience Geared to The Individual

The whole experience at Bella Coola is intimate and personal from start to finish. There is a sense of soul and realness that is a product of it being owned and operated by true die hard ski bums: Pete, Beat and Christian – guys who have been in the ski industry most of their adult lives…. Here everything from the daily heli-skiing programme to what you have in your sandwich at lunch is tailored to you rather than you tailoring yourself to the daily operations.

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