Helicopter over Prokletije
Powder day in Albania Photo: Heliski Albania

Heli-skiing in the Dinaric Alps, Albania

Tucked away in the Northern corner of Albania, close to the borders with Kosovo and Montenegro hides a mountain range, hitherto undiscovered by 99.99% of skiers. Part of the Dinaric Alps, the Prokletije Mountains have peaks that rise to over 2600m, jagged topography and more precipitation than anywhere else in Europe. This combination of altitude, terrain and snow reliability means the Valbona valley has fascinating potential for skiers and snowboarders wanting to explore far from the traditional list of ski and heli-ski destinations.

With just 8-12 heliskiers per week, no ski lifts, no landing restrictions and no holds barred, the potential for new ski lines is almost endless. The spectacular national park comprises high ridges and deep valleys with steep pitches in between, a part of Europe that is uncharacteristically wild and unpopulated. As well as adventurous skiing, guests can expect to be transported back in time and treated to a warm welcome with excellent local cuisine and cultural experiences such as traditional dances or a visit to the local barber.


The Lowdown

Wild Untamed Adventure

In visiting this 1,500 km2 of rugged alpine terrain in northern Albania with skis, you will be somewhat of a pioneer. It is a wild and forgotten corner of Europe with endless first descents just waiting for ski tracks.

Owner Operated

In our experience it is always a huge plus when a heliski operation is owner operated. The contrast with more commercially focussed, industrial style heliskiing is huge. IFMGA guide and owner, Rok Zalokar is involved in all aspects of the business bringing in his background of heliski guiding in Alaska and creating a unique, welcoming and authentic experience.

Stable Snowpack & Steep Terrain

With its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, the Albanian Alps attract some of the highest snowfalls in Europe. As is typical with coastal climates, the snowpack is generally very stable with minimal avalanche risk which allows you to access steeper terrain safely. While there is also plenty of more moderate terrain, if you are looking to step it up and ski steeper lines which you could only dream of at more commercial operations in Canada, this is an excellent option.

Not for the Fancy Extras

If you are looking for a fancy lodge with chocolates on your pillow and waiters in bow ties, this is not the place for you.

Prices & Dates

The right trip for you?

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