Heli Skiing Pantheon Range
Heli Skiing Pantheon Range British Columbia Photo: Eric Berger

Heli-Skiing in the Pantheon Range

With an area that dwarfs any European resort into insignificance and reserved for just eight skiers or riders a week, British Columbia's Pantheon Range offers an unparalleled adventure and a pioneering feel unheard of at more commercial heli-ski operations.

All who come here are blown away by the scale and scope of this zone. It is not just their size and potential for heli-skiing and snowboarding that amaze but also the unspoiled purity. There are no clear-cuts, wildlife is abundant and there is almost no trace of human existence.

Epic Heli-Ski Terrain Meets Rustic Charm

The 5,000 sq km of terrain is primarily alpine with huge, long glacial descents and bowl after bowl of endless powder...and the climate is drier and cooler than coast which makes for an abundance of cold, smoky powder snow.

Lodging is provided at White Saddle Ranch, a warm, traditional, hand hewn log structure and a working guest and cattle ranch. The rooms are simple, comfortable and clean with fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. Bathrooms are shared. Food is very fresh, with much of it coming right from the ranch. All the bread and pastries are baked fresh each day.


The Lowdown

Himalayan-Style Mountains

These are British Columbia’s biggest and most spectacular mountains, with huge Himalayan-style vertical relief and some very long runs. Home to British Columbia's highest peak, Mt. Waddington (4,019 m), the region is humbling on a scale difficult to imagine and has been used as a backdrop by a number of high profile Hollywood films, including Martin Scorsese's 'Kundun' and Jean Jacques Annaud's 'Seven Years in Tibet'.

Private Lodges for Single Groups

With only 4 or 8 skiers a week skiing in a single group and staying at the relaxed and friendly Pantheon Heli Ranch, the Mystery Mountain Lodge or Terra Nostra Guest Ranch everything about the experience is intimate and personal.

Be a Pioneer

Skiing in the Pantheon Range offers up a pioneering feel that is rare to find and with much unexplored terrain still to discover there are ample opportunities to make first descents and put your name on a bit of skiing history.

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