Greenland Heli Skiing
Greenland Heli Skiing Photo: Kevin Boekholt

Greenland Heli Skiing

The potential for heli skiing and heli boarding on the ice-covered island of Greenland is unlimited. In the spring the sea ice starts to break up revealing a landscape of incredible contrasts. Skyscraper sized ice bergs of pure white and turquoise blue are framed perfectly against the blackness of the Arctic Ocean as you ski effortlessly through the lightest powder imaginable.

Few peaks in the region are much higher than 2,000m but they are dramatic and imposing rising directly from the sea. Typical runs – many ending on the beach – are found on the numerous surrounding islands, and on the slopes of the long, narrow fjords that come off the Greenland ice cap.

April through to the middle of May is prime time for heli skiing in Greenland with consistently good powder conditions for most of April, a mix of powder and corn snow early May and predominantly corn snow thereafter.

On its day, the heli skiing and heli boarding in Greenland is 'off the charts good ‘ - made so not just by incredible terrain and snow but by being part of an awe-inspiring landscape untouched by the modern world. But remember - it is not a manicured heliski lodge in Canada. This is expedition style heli skiing in a remote arctic environment and with that comes more complicated logistics and uncontrollable variables.


The Lowdown

Expedition-Style Heli-Skiing

Heli-skiing in Greenland is an 'expedition-style' adventure in a truly remote and pristine part of the world. During your stay you will be immersed in Inuit culture and experience their day to day living first hand.

Ski to The Beach

A far cry from busy commercial heli-ski operations in Canada, the coast of Greenland is a dramatic and imposing landscape of glaciated islands, frozen Fjords and towering icebergs, runs to the beach, polar bears and epic unexplored ski terrain.

Easy Access

Located almost equal distance between east coast USA and Europe Greenland is remarkably accessible for somewhere so remote.

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