Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter
Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter Photo: Alan Sleigher
Revelstoke Private

The Capital of Canadian Heliskiing, Customized

A private helicopter offers maximum flexibility to explore the Selkirk and Monashee mountains which can claim to tick just about every box you could imagine when it comes to a heliski trip - copious snow, varied terrain, pillow lines through old-growth forest, a huge tenure and an operator with decades of experience. A private helicopter enhances this package with the ability to control all the important variables that make the difference between a great and an unforgettable experience - when, where and how to ski and snowboard - and who with.

Proximity to Revelstoke Mountain Resort adds another dimension, enabling trips to combine lift-served and helicopter skiing and snowboarding and to choose some pretty spectacular accommodation, whether you are seeking apres-ski or privacy and unsurpassed luxury.

Our private packages have a wide range of options. Durations from 3 days to 7 days while any group size from 3 to 9 can be catered for using different size machines.


The Lowdown

The Home of Heliskiing

The Selkirks and Monashees have been described by The New York Times as "the heliskiing capital of the world". The expertise gained over 40 years of operating means the operators, pilots and guides here have it dialled to give you the best possible heliskiing experience.

Choice of Accommodation

In most heliskiing locations, when it comes to where to stay and what you eat, you get what you are given. With a Revelstoke private package, whether you want the atmosphere and amenities of a decent hotel or an incredible, full-service private chalet to share with your friends/family, you take control of this aspect of the trip. This is a great way of ensuring a memorable celebration, whether it's for a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday or a family reunion.

Share a helicopter with friends

Not everyone wants to heliski or even ski every day. By staying at RMR, a larger group can mix heliskiing with lift-served skiing and other activities from spa days to snowshoeing, and split into smaller groups taking turns to use the heli, while gathering each evening to share stories.

Private = Flexible

There is simply no substitute for a private helicopter for the ultimate heliski experience. Ski or snowboard with your own crew, decide whether to ski trees or open powder meadows and go at your own pace, fast or slow.

Choose a small or large machine

Having the option of a larger Bell 205 helicopter or a smaller A Star is an uncommon benefit which makes it possible to accommodate different group sizes - from as small as 3 (with 2 guides) to as many as 9.

Prices & Dates

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