Powder snowboarder at Selkirk Tangiers Photo: Alain Sleigher
Revelstoke Small Groups

Big terrain, Small groups

When it comes to group size, there is no denying that small is better. More space for turns, groups that are better matched in ability and fitness and the chances of being slowed down (or rushed) by other members of the crew is significantly reduced. Even if your own group is bigger than 4, splitting into 2 groups to ski lines before meeting up between runs is often better.

On the other hand, big is most definitely better when it comes to terrain, tenure, trees, vertical and snowfall. Over 500,000 acres to ski and snowboard, terrain from glaciated to old-growth rainforest and an enviable snow record make Revelstoke one of the best heliskiing and heliboarding destinations anywhere on earth.

A-Star B2 helicopters are used to explore the Selkirk Tangiers tenure with a maximum of 3 groups of 4 + 1 guide per helicopter.


The Lowdown

Small Group Agility

Small groups can move faster, loading and unloading quickly and being ready to go where and when weather and conditions are optimal. Groups are easier to match by ability and fitness to ensure that everyone can ski at a pace that suits them, fast, slow or something inbetween.

500,000 acres of prime terrain

Selkirk Tangiers's huge tenure is blessed with a wide variety of terrain, making it possible to flex the programme and ski in the right place at the right time.

The BC Interior's snow

There is no doubt that the Selkirks and Monashees get a lot of snow. Just as important though is the type of snow - not too heavy but not too light. Can there be such a thing as snow that is too light? Read what we think.

RMR combinations

Revelstoke is a long way for most people to get to so we love the idea of extending a heliski trip with some days riding at RMR where the snow and terrain make an ideal training ground to tune up for your heli days. Check out our combination trips.

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