The Heliski Journal

  • Ski to the beach in Iceland this May

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Midnight skiing, creamy corn snow, skiing to the beach and the possibility of skiing steep pitches make this a skier's bucket list must and 2024 is set to be a classic vintage.

  • Roaring fire inside Spirit Bear Chalet

    The Platinum Experience

    By James Morland •

    Where under-stated 5-star luxury merges seamlessly with the rugged Canadian wild to create one of the most refined luxury heli-ski experiences available today.

  • Steep heli-skiing in BC

    Big & Steep Heli-Skiing

    By James Morland •

    Bored of big commercial heliski operations with their over-sized groups and flat runs? Ready to step it up a notch and challenge some genuinely steep terrain? You are in the right place - almost.

  • 2025 will see the return of Legend to the waters of Greenland. Image Elemental Adventure

    2025 Trips Preview

    By Elemental Adventure •

    We've been planning an experience calendar like no other in 2025. From Japan's deepest turns to yacht-based ski touring in Norway and the heliskiing adventure of a lifetime in Greenland, here is our 2025 preview.

    What's more we're giving a pair of Faction skis to the party leader of all new 2025 group bookings.

  • The Japanese Powder Dream - January 2025

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Whilst Japan is a powder skiers dreamland, it's also a place bursting with culture, offering a totally unique ski experiences. From sensational food to ancient hot springs and fascinating local traditions, the non-skiing activities are almost as impressive as the skiing itself, which is why, in January 2025 we've put together the ultimate Japanese ski trip to Hokkaido.

  • MY Legend amongst Greenland's towering icebergs.

    Legend In Greenland 2025

    By Elemental Adventure •

    2025 will see the return of the 254 foot Legend to Greenland, a born and bred expedition-mega yacht and one of the pioneers of yacht-based heliskiing in Greenland. Join us for the ultimate arctic adventure.

  • Fly North (or South) for your 2024 powder fix

    By Elemental Adventure •

    If you haven't had your fix of powder in winter 2024, it's not too late! The season in the arctic latitudes of Iceland, Greenland and Alaska will soon be under way and, under the cover of darkness, the snowpack has been building up steadily...

  • view of snowy mountains from a helicopter

    Heliskiing - top tips and what to expect

    By Oliver Evans •

    If you have spent months, years or decades anticipating this trip, expectation and excitement levels may be off the charts. There is a saying among heliski guides – “slow is fast”, meaning if you want to go fast, don’t rush.

  • 2024 Classic Programme Availability

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Get that heli-skiing or heli-boarding trip booked in 2024. If you wait, you'll just be another year older, so don't get left behind!

  • heliskiers under a helicopter

    2024 Private Programme Availability

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Private heliskiing, just you and a handful of buddies, is the ultimate. Your own helicopter to go where and when you want. Why not make it happen in 2024?

  • Ski the Pyrenees

    By Oliver Evans •

    We guarantee Spain isn’t the first destination that springs to mind when considering your next ski trip. It may not make your list at all, but it probably should...

  • Like it Steep?

    By James Morland •

    By choosing the right place and going with the right group at the right time of year you can set yourself up with the best odds of ramping up the pitch.

  • helicopter diving in snowy mountains in Iceland

    Discounted Heliskiing. Too good to be true?

    By Elemental Adventure •

    If you know where to look, there are some genuinely great deals to be had this winter. However, as usually happens with sales, the headlines only tell half the story...

  • skier in deep powder snow at Last Frontier Heliskiing

    La Nina / El Nino - what does it all mean?

    By Elemental Adventure •

    El Niño years have a tendency to have a colder winter impact on northern Europe and a greater-than-average snowfall in the Southern Rockies

  • cabins under the aurora borealis

    London morning, Heliski afternoon, Northern Lights night

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Leave London in the morning, heliski in Iceland in the afternoon and enjoy the Northern Lights from the hot tub by night – a seamless and spectacular heliski experience for 2024.

  • Unlimited Vertical – a good thing?

    By James Morland •

    ...“100,000 vertical feet, 8 hours of flying time, 36 runs...unlimited vertical... Even to the most seasoned heli-skier untangling what this all means in terms of value for money and how much fun you are going to have, can be tricky. Here’s our guide to what it all means and a few potential pros and cons of each system.

  • skiers in the Pyrenees

    Heliskiing in 2024? What's available and where?

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Heliski seats are still available in 2024 (provided you know where to look).

  • Vancouver - forest and skyscrapers

    How to prepare for a heliski trip

    By Oliver Evans •

    Now you’ve secured your heliskiing or heliboarding spot, you’ll want to get the other aspects of the trip organized, from the travel arrangements to the equipment to pack.