The Heliski Journal

  • Heliskiing Iceland, Image copyright Mathis Dumas

    Luxury and Adventure in Iceland

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Now, to complement the rustic charm and family history of Klaensholl; guests have the choice of opting for on-the-edge-of-the-fjord luxury. Or, for those ready for the adventure of a lifetime – jump aboard the ‘Ring of Fire’ heliski tour.

  • Heliskiing Chile

    The Powder Capital of the Andes

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Outside of the Himalayas, the Andes are home to the highest mountains in the world. High altitude combined with a maritime snowpack means light and dry snow throughout the season. A rugged and vast array of magnificent peaks and alpine terrain stretches further than the eye can see – even from a helicopter!

  • City Ski Championships - Verbier 2018

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    The City Ski Championships offers Europe‘s business and financial community with an opportunity to network and entertain clients in a personal, relaxed environment and is now widely recognised as the premier alpine event for business executives. It also just so happens to be one of the most fun weekends in the Alps this winter.

  • Ski Movie - Drop Everything

    “Drop Everything” - MSP Ski Movie Premier

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Together with our friends at Last Frontier Heliskiing and Arctic Heliskiing we're excited to be teaming up with Holmlands this autumn for the Matchsticks Productions UK wide tour. Throughout November there will be screenings of Drop Everything in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

  • The Backgrounder Series

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    With one new episode each month you will get unique insights into Last Frontier Heliskiing and why so many heliskiers from all around the world pilgrim to the Great White North year after year... Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

  • Powder Skis 2017

    Best Powder Skis 2016/2017

    By Trey Cook •

    What are the best powder skis for 2017? - To make it easier for everyone we’ve made the sacrifice, done all the on-snow research, and compiled this list of this season’s best powder skis.

  • Line and wipeout of the year

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Ready for some of the best ski footage you have ever seen? Don't miss this. We have decided to dedicate line of the year to pretty much every line in Jérémie Heitz’s film, La Liste.

  • TomTom Bandit Action Camera - Review

    By Trey Cook •

    This review is going to cover my initial impressions straight out of the box with very little info on how the thing works. Why? Because, let’s admit it, when a lot of us get a new device we immediately start playing with it until we hit a dead end that drives us to the humiliation of reading the manual.

  • Bluebird Face Shots… In November!

    Bluebird Face Shots… In November!

    By Trey Cook •

    If you were one of the fortunate few who were able to take advantage of the massive dumps in the French and Swiss Alps then you know what we’re talking about. If not, here’s a bit of what you missed…

  • The Kuril Islands at Sunset

    The Kuril Islands & Kamchatka

    By James Morland •

    A more distant, end of the earth type place would be hard to imagine and for the past four years I had dreamed of skiing these gigantic volcanoes that rise so abruptly from the mythical sounding, Sea of Okhotsk.

  • The Perfect Chamonix Chalet

    By •

    If you are thinking about visiting Chamonix next season we have recently teamed up with our friends at Collineige to offer a selection of some of the best chalets in the valley.

  • Deep in the JaPow

    JaPow - A Japanese Powder Expedition

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Leave the crowds behind and cruise through the ghostly Japanese forests of birch and beech trees catching a quick breath as you surface from yet another turn.

  • Candide Thovex

    One of Those Days - The Complete Trilogy

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    The trilogy is complete - Candide Thovex has managed to break the internet 3 times with his trilogy "One of Those Days". He has been praised, called crazy and pushed boundaries we did not know was possible. Gravity simply does not apply to Candide...

  • Salomon Freeski TV

    Salomon Freeski TV - Season 9

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Year after year the Salomon Freeski team set out to capture the world's best skiing and it's destinations. This season they visited a few of our own magical destinations...

  • Heli-skiing in Canada

    It's not too late

    By James Morland •

    We have some prime dates at PRIME PRICES available in Iceland, Canada and Chile.
    Trade the crowded runs and chairlifts for a helicopter and the best snow on earth.

  • Snowboarder in powder Revelstoke

    Deal of the Year

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    It is once in a blue moon that we have something this good come along. Two prime seats have come up for for a week of mind-blowing heliskiing and a mind-blowing price

  • December Special Offers

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Looking for a good excuse to go heli-skiing in 2016? We have a couple of incentives that we hope might give yuo a nudge in the right direction.

  • Heliskiing in Greece

    Skiing with the Gods in Greece

    By James Morland •

    This February we will be taking an exploratory trip to Greece. Join us and put your mark on the map of Greek skiing history. Two days heli-skiing on mythical Mt Olympus followed by three day in the Pindus Mountains on the Albanian border.