The Heliski Journal

  • Deep in the JaPow

    JaPow - A Japanese Powder Expedition

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Leave the crowds behind and cruise through the ghostly Japanese forests of birch and beech trees catching a quick breath as you surface from yet another turn.

  • Candide Thovex

    One of Those Days - The Complete Trilogy

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    The trilogy is complete - Candide Thovex has managed to break the internet 3 times with his trilogy "One of Those Days". He has been praised, called crazy and pushed boundaries we did not know was possible. Gravity simply does not apply to Candide...

  • Salomon Freeski TV

    Salomon Freeski TV - Season 9

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Year after year the Salomon Freeski team set out to capture the world's best skiing and it's destinations. This season they visited a few of our own magical destinations...

  • Heli-skiing in Canada

    It's not too late

    By James Morland •

    We have some prime dates at PRIME PRICES available in Iceland, Canada and Chile.
    Trade the crowded runs and chairlifts for a helicopter and the best snow on earth.

  • Snowboarder in powder Revelstoke

    Deal of the Year

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    It is once in a blue moon that we have something this good come along. Two prime seats have come up for for a week of mind-blowing heliskiing and a mind-blowing price

  • December Special Offers

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Looking for a good excuse to go heli-skiing in 2016? We have a couple of incentives that we hope might give yuo a nudge in the right direction.

  • Heliskiing in Greece

    Skiing with the Gods in Greece

    By James Morland •

    This February we will be taking an exploratory trip to Greece. Join us and put your mark on the map of Greek skiing history. Two days heli-skiing on mythical Mt Olympus followed by three day in the Pindus Mountains on the Albanian border.

  • heli-skiers on summit in Iceland

    Iceland - Finishing the Season in Style

    By James Morland •

    2015 was a strange winter for me – poor snow in Chamonix and a couple of injuries that coincided with the rare powder days. It felt like winter never really happened……..until that is - my annual pilgrimage to Iceland in May.

  • Salomon Freeski TV footage Iceland

    Salomon Freeski TV in Iceland

    By Elemental Adventure •

    In the first episode of the new Salomon Freeski TV series the crew heads to Iceland to join our good friend Jökull Bergmann and get a taste of heliskiing on the Troll Peninsula.

  • Liz Daley and Andreas Franson in Chamonix

    Goodbye to Friends

    By James Morland •

    In the past weeks the ski community and in particular those living in Chamonix, have said goodbye to some dear friends and truly inspirational characters

  • BASS ski instructor

    Improve Your Skiing or Snowboarding

    By Jonas Ernevi •

    Get ready for a season of cruising the pistes in the Alps or tune up the legs for the big heli adventure in Canada with our new partners at the British Alpine Ski and Snowboard School (BASS).

  • Heli-ski guide making fast powder turn

    Adventure on the BC / Alaska Border

    By James Morland •

    Heli-skiing in Canada conjures up a few images. Vast quantities of deep, dry powder billowing over your head is probably one of them. Fancy, commercial heli-ski lodges and big groups crammed into fleets of oversized helicopters is perhaps another. If you like the sound of the former but the latter doesn’t strike a chord, then a little known corner of northern British Columbia could be just the place to investigate.

  • Footage of skier in avalanche

    Skier Caught in Avalanche

    By James Morland •

    Airbag or no airbag, this guy got lucky. VERY lucky. ABS packs are a good invention and can increase safety margins but they are NOT fool-proof lifesaving bits of gear – far from it. Having one on your back should never change the way you ski or the decisions you make.

  • Helicopter landing next to heli-skiers

    Deep POW BC

    By James Morland •

    Just rounded up the first of 6 weeks guiding at Bell 2 Lodge with Last Frontier Heliskiing. Despite some challenging weather we skied awesome snow 7 out of 7 days with big smiles all round.

  • skiing footage from Chamonix

    Cold and Deep

    By James Morland •

    2013 and Chamonix keeps coming up with the goods...

  • heli-skiers with helicopter overhead

    Diary from Bell 2 Lodge

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Out to the Last Frontier...
    Memories burned into muscle from an indelible powder journey

  • Journey to The Last Frontier

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Cody Townsend and Chris Rubens take the ferry north.

  • Heli skiing in the Caucasus

    By Elemental Adventure •

    Jossi Lindblom and the boys from Salomon Freeski TV were there last winter making an awesome short film.