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If you haven't had your fix of powder in winter 2024, it's not too late! The season in the arctic latitudes of Iceland, Greenland and Alaska will soon be under way and, under the cover of darkness, the snowpack has been building up steadily... Alternatively, could 2024 be the year for a "summer" ski trip to the Southern Hemisphere?

powder skiing in Turkey
Turkey can claim to have had some of the best conditions so far this winter. There's still time to get a powder fix if you haven't had yours.

Last minute "bucket-list" tick – Alaska (March and April)

A substantial snowpack has been building up over the last three months and there are a few gaps left at Triple Point Expeditions and Third Edge. If the Chugach powder factory has been on your wishlist for a while, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The strategic locations of both bases give you the best chance of minimising the weather risk.

Triple Point Expeditions:

7 Days | USD 15,960pp | 2 groups of 4 + guide | 6 hrs flight time

  • 9-16 March
  • 16-23 March

Third Edge:

7 Days | USD 42,000pp | 3 skiers + 2 guides per group | 14 hrs flight time

  • 9-16 March (one seat left)
  • 30-6 April (two seats left)

7 Days | Private Lodge | Group price: USD 126,000 | 3 skiers + 2 guides per group | 14hrs flight time

  • 20-27 April

Alaska - one to tick off for any keen skier looking for the steepest and deepest turns. Image: Third Edge

The Arctic ski season in Iceland (March, April and May)

Conditions are looking good in Iceland, and we have a handful of spots both in March (when direct flights will be operating from London), and in April and May’s prime season. With programmes ranging from 2.5 days to 6 days and easy access from Europe and the US East Coast, this could be the answer if winter 2024 hasn’t delivered for you yet.

  • 2.5 days & 3 nights | EUR 4,900pp | 3 groups of 4 + guide | 2.5 hrs flight time
  • 2.5 days & 3 nights | EUR 30,400 | private group of 4 + guide | 3 hrs flight time
  • 4 days & 4 nights | EUR 8,990pp | 3 groups of 4/5 + guide | 4 hrs flight time
  • 6 days & 6 nights | EUR 13,300pp | 3 groups of 4/5 + guide | 6 hrs flight time
  • 4 days & 4 nights | EUR 11,500pp | 2 groups of 4/5 + guide | 5 hrs flight time
  • 6 days & 6 nights | EUR 15,990pp | 2 groups of 4/5 + guide | 7 hrs flight time
  • 4 days & 4 nights | EUR 54,200 | private group of 4 + guide | 5 hrs flight time
  • 6 days & 6 nights | EUR 77,200 | private group of 4 + guide | 7 hrs flight time

Iceland offers summit to sea runs with a brilliant variety of terrain and only a 3 hour flight from Europe.

Greenland (April & May)

f you're looking for a no-frills heliskiing adventure with the aim of scoring huge drawn out soft turns then you may just want to check this out. With incredible contrasting landscapes consisting of vast icefields, towering icebergs and the endless Arctic Ocean, why not seize the opportunity to ski somewhere totally off the beaten track.

6 Days | EUR 13,300pp | 2 groups of 4/helicopter | 6 hrs flight time

  • 30 March - 6 April
  • 20 April - 27 April
  • 27 April - 4 May

Spring delivers some of the most scintillating runs all the way down to the waters edge. Image: Kevin Boekholt

The Andes (July & August)

If you can't squeeze a trip in to the next few months, 2024 could be the year to experience the best skiing in the Southern Hemisphere. Chile offers small group heliskiing and heliboarding in big mountains and plenty of other things to enhance your "summer holiday" from wine-tasting to surfing.

6 days | USD14,290pp | 2 groups of 4 per helicopter | 6 hrs flight time

  • Available from 13 Jul - 20 Jul

6 days | Private Helicopter | from USD 63,920 | 1 group of 4 + guide | 10hrs flying time

  • Available from 13 Jul - 31 Aug

From steep peaks to gullies, Chile's terrain is endless and offers abundant bluebird days. Image: Andes Heliboarding

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