Ocean-Side Skiing

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Sea to Sky Heli-Ski Adventures

Skiing or snowboarding knee-deep powder with a group of friends on a beautiful bluebird day is pretty special. Put that same run above the ocean with a helicopter waiting on the beach and it becomes extraordinary.

If you have experienced the sensation of skiing or snowboarding by the ocean you will know that it adds a whole new and exciting dimension. For over 20 years we have scoured the planet for the most incredible ski and snowboard experiences - always with an extra keen eye for those by the sea. Here are our top picks for high ocean heliski adventure.

skier high above the ocean in Iceland
Epic powder turns high above the ocean in northern Iceland.

The Troll Peninsula | Iceland

Heliskiing on the north coast of Iceland leaves you with the overwhelming feeling of being a tiny dot on a small island in the middle of the north Atlantic. You are. With easy quick access from Europe and North America and dependably excellent conditions from March to June this is one of THE places to experience the best that coastal heliskiing has to offer.

Remaining Availability for 2019

16 May - 20 May

20 May - 24 May

24 May - 28 May

17 June - 21 June - Midnight Sun Special (yacht-based trips also available).


Helicopter dropping skiers above ocean in Iceland
Nothing comes close to skiing and snowboarding by the ocean

The Kuril Islands & Kamchatka

We have been running trips to Kamchatka since 2005 and in 2016 we pushed the boundaries with a pioneering trip to the Kuril Islands - a chain of desolate volcanic islands that stretch some 1,000 km between Russia and Japan. Exploring never-before-skied volcanic islands in the open ocean was a 'next level experience.'

Remaining Availability for 2019

31 March - 7 April

5 May - 12 May


Kuril Islands at Sunset
A new frontier in exploration-style heliskiing - The mythical Kuril Islands. • Photo: Ludmila Figura


You need a bit more luck on your side to pull off a successful trip to Greenland but if the dice land favourably there are few places on earth that are as dramatic. April and May are prime time.

Remaining Availability for 2019

27 April - 4 May

19 April - 26 April (yacht-based)

5 May - 12 May (yacht-based)


Huge Iceberg east Greenland
Frozen fiords, towering icebergs, polar bears and rich Inuit culture...all in a day's heliskiing in Greenland.

Lyngen Alps and Svalbard

The sailing yacht Firebird is a floating luxury chalet with sails and the perfect base to explore the majestic Lyngen Alps or venture north to Svalbard - the most northern populated place in the world. There are no helicopters involved; just wind, skis, skins and a bit of muscle power to get you to the top.

Remaining Availability for 2019

From Tromso

12 April - 30 April

From Svalbard

16 June - 1 July

18 July - 14 August


Sailing Yacht Firebird in Norway
Wind, sails, skins and skis. Not a helicopter in sight. • Photo: Mike @ Waterline Media

Expedition Yacht Heliskiing

Our yacht-based heliski programme opens up infinite possibilities for exploration-style heliskiing anywhere where oceans meet mountains.

Remaining Availability for 2019:

Greenland: 19 April - 26 April

Greenland: 5 May - 12 May

Midnight Sun | Iceland: 17 June - 23 June

Midnight Sun | Iceland: 23 June - 29 June

Antarctica: December, 2019


Yacht-based heliskiing Greenland
Your exclusive ticket to accessing the inaccessible.

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helicopter at hot springs

Relaxed Booking Conditions

By Elemental Adventure •

We understand that the world is now a different place to just several weeks ago and that putting down significant amounts of money for a holiday that is many months away, represents a new level of risk.

We have been looking (and continue to look) at ways to reduce that risk in order to give you some peace of mind as well as the much-needed excitement of an epic ski trip to look forward to.

Featured Adventure
Heli-skiers arrive at yellow helicopter

Heli-Ski Safari

By Jonas Ernevi •

This is not your regular Canadian heli-skiing. This is big wild northern British Columbia and compared to southern BC with all of its heli-ski operations sandwiched together; it’s like a different country.

Featured Adventure
Heliskiing Iceland, Image copyright Mathis Dumas

Luxury and Adventure in Iceland

By Elemental Adventure •

Now, to complement the rustic charm and family history of Klaensholl; guests have the choice of opting for on-the-edge-of-the-fjord luxury. Or, for those ready for the adventure of a lifetime – jump aboard the ‘Ring of Fire’ heliski tour.