Skiing with the Gods in Greece

James Morland •

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary this winter? Pack your skis or snowboard and get ready to join us for a snow-filled adventure in Greece. This is a five-day trip starting with two days' heli-skiing on mythical Mt Olympus followed by three days in the Pindus Mountains near the Albanian border.

Helicopter and mountains in Greece
Yes - there are mountains in Greece and during the winter they are plastered with snow. • Photo: Mike Arzt

The Olympus Region

For the first two days we will stay on the shores of the Aegean Sea at the newly built Litochoro Resort Hotel which looks straight up at the slopes of Olympus nearly 3,000 vertical metres above.

The helicopter will be parked right outside the hotel so we can literally be eating breakfast one minute and standing on top of Olympus ready to ski down the next. The village of Litochoro is 3 km from the hotel and we will have the chance to explore there after skiing and get a taste of the local Greek cuisine and culture.

Boat on beach in Greece
From Sea...
Heli-skiers in Greece
...To Sky - Mike Arzt

​Pindus Mountain Range

After skiing on Tuesday we will head to Meteora which is a 2.5 hour drive from Litochoro. Historically Meteora is an extremely rich area with civilization dating back some 5,000 years. Perched above on distinctive rock towers are a number of monasteries which offer an interesting diversion after skiing. In the village of Meteora itself there are many restaurants, shops and bars.

The Pindus mountain range is huge and stretches all the way into into Albania from where it starts some 50 km north of Athens. When you are flying over them they look remarkably similar to the Alps in places. It is an expansive, mountainous area that would take many lifetimes to explore properly and best of all it is perfect for heli-skiing with a high density of excellent terrain accessible within short flights. Making 12-15 runs a day should be the norm with good conditions.

Skiers in trees and powder in Greece
Deep Greek • Photo: Mike Arzt
Warren Miller filming No Turning Back in Greece
Filming for Warren Miller's No Turning Back • Photo: Mike Arzt

The Hotel in Meteora

Similar to the set up in Litochoro the helicopter will be at the hotel just metres from the doorstep. From here it is only a five or six minute flight right into the heart of the Pindus Range and an infinite number of incredible ski lines.

The hotel itself is just minutes from the town of Meteora and has stunning views of the rock towers and monasteries.

Summary Itinerary

*Depending on demand we have two dates set aside in February: 7-13 and 21-26

Arrive Thessaloniki airport. A guide will be waiting with your name on a sign when you walk out of the baggage claim area. We will then transport you to our hotel in Litochoro. Once everyone has arrived there will be a meeting to get acquainted, go through the programme for the week, discuss safety around the helicopter and on the mountain and to do some practical avalanche training.

Monday & Tuesday
Two days heli-skiing on the slopes of Mt. Olympus.

Wednesday & Thursday
Heliski in the Pindus range.

Friday is the last day of heli-skiing after which we will head directly to Thessaloniki airport. Depending on flight schedules some people will fly home tonight. If you cannot get a flight out on Friday, then there is always the option to stay an additional night in Thessaloniki or back at the hotel in Litochoro. The drive back from to Thessaloniki is around three hours but for those who wish there will also be the option to fly back and offset the price of this against any remaining flying time - or alternatively pay for the additional flying time.

The Lowdown

Price per person

What’s Included

  • 5 days of guided heli-skiing including 6 hours of flying time ( 6 runs per day guaranteed)*
  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • All meals
  • Return transfer service from Thessaloniki airport
  • Safety equipment including ABS bag, transceiver, shovel and a probe
  • Private van for the duration of the trip

What’s not Included

  • Flights
  • Pre / Post heli-skiing hotel accommodation if required
  • Flying time in excess of that included
  • Ski equipment

Greece Segment from Warren Miller's No Turning Back

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